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Are you spending too much time on payroll?

Wabash Payroll saves you time providing you more time to run your business! Plus, we get confidential payroll information out of your office so it stays private.

Wabash Payroll computes and pays your payroll taxes for you which eliminates your liability of penalties from late filings and errors.

We use the latest automated software to process your payroll, file and pay your withholding taxes, prepare payroll reports and we do it all in just one day!

  We can print your checks in our office.   You can pay by Direct Deposit.   You print checks in your office from our print file.

Give us your hours, we do the rest!

• Payroll Processing

• Payroll Tax Deposits

• Unemployment Deposits

• Payroll Returns

• Garnishments

• 401K Deposits

• W 2’s, 941’s & More!

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Is your accounting system working for you?

(Or are you working for your accounting system?)

If you or your employees are spending too much time balancing money instead of making it, we have the solution!


Wabash Tax & Bookkeeping & Payroll provides professional bookkeeping services for less money than you spend doing them yourself. How? We use advanced automated software to streamline your bookkeeping and save you money. From small business to major corporations, we provide customized services to fulfill every need and every budget. The best part is, you decide what services you need and we do the rest.

Our clients use our software which means there are no software fees or costly upgrades.  With our bookkeeping and payroll services,  you receive monthly financial statements that include a breakdown of expenses for labor, employee social security, unemployment, subcontractor costs, and retirement plan costs plus those costs as a percentage of your sales.

Statements show comparative data monthly for this year and last, year-to-date and year-to-date compared to the previous year. And believe it or not, these incredible accounting services begin as low as $195 per month!