Wabash Payroll Services are completely automated.

We make payroll quick, easy and very affordable!

Our system collects your information, checks for accuracy, automatically calculates the payroll and sends you an email to print your checks on your computer.

Wabash Payroll saves you time providing you more time to run your business! Plus, we get confidential payroll information out of your office so it stays private.

Wabash Payroll computes and pays your payroll taxes for you which eliminates your liability of penalties from late filings and errors.

We use the latest automated software to process your payroll, file and pay your withholding taxes, prepare payroll reports and we do it all in just ONE DAY!

How We Eliminate The Thirteen Payroll Pains:

1.    Having payroll checks printed anywhere you want.
2.    Avoiding penalties for late or inaccurate tax filling.
3.    Taking your most valuable employees time.
4.    Privacy. Keeping all employees pay rate private.
5.    Vacation. Just have someone call us and give each employees hours for the pay period. No need for other employees to know how to get into the system. We can print the checks anywhere you want.
6.    No need to pay Quickbooks fees every month (plus you were doing all the work!).
7.    Your employees' information will be set up on your computer. Just enter hours worked and we provide complete payroll service including payment of all taxes.
8.    Our employees are bonded.
9.    No contract. At Wabash Payroll, you will NEVER be not locked into a long term contract.
10.   No set up fee or other type of fees for changes to your program.
11.   You will receive journal entries for the bookkeeping system that you are using; and of course, complete reports.
12.   We support 401k, child support and most other withholdings.
13.   A flat monthly all-inclusive fee. No additional quarterly or annual fees. We will calculate the monthly fee based on the number of employees and additional services including W-2's and all reports.

  We can print your checks in our office.   You can pay by Direct Deposit.   You print checks in your office from our print file.

Give us your hours, we do the rest!

• Payroll Processing

• Payroll Tax Deposits

• Unemployment Deposits

• Payroll Returns

• Garnishments

• 401K Deposits

• W 2’s, 941’s & More!

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