$1,000.00 Cash Give Away

Each year, at the end of tax season, we give away $1,000.00 to the winner of our give away drawing.

And this year, we're having three $1,000 drawings - one at each of our three locations!

How do you enter to win?

When you file your taxes with us you are automatically entered in the drawing.

Here's a look at previous year's winners:

Mark & Suzanne Swaner

2022 Winner

Kynon & Jennifer Dinkel

2021 Winner

Dickson Hunley Jr.

2020 Winner

George Streeter

2019 Winner

Lindsay Garvin

2018 Winner

Bryan Chenoweth

2017 Winner

Donna Chambers

2016 Winner

Mark Lee

2015 Winner

Daniel Hamilton

2014 Winner

Dianna Hartmann

2013 Winner

Jerry & Judith Delisle

2012 Winner

Elizabeth Attebery

2011 Winner

Brenda Fortson

2010 Winner

Rick & Debbie

2009 Winner

Paul & Betty

2008 Winner